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“For Steve and me as a couple the most important thing was to allow each other to grieve in our own way and just try to be good to each other. Another key for us was to know that although there was nothing we could do to take away the sadness and pain – we would have to live through it, we could try to focus on adding new joy to our life and honoring Andrew’s memory. I think this helped us to see that the intensity of our grief would soften in time. It’s an evolving process…there will always be a hole left by Andrew’s death that nothing can fill. Still – amazingly – your heart can grow bigger and stronger and life can be good and meaningful again.”

Here is Andrew, shown with Emma, whose life was saved by his liver.

Andrew and Emma

Emma has given something very special to us. She’s keeping part of Andrew alive. She’s allowing us to know that there’s a part of him—an actual living, physical part of him—that lives on and will grow inside of your little girl. Even though we know that Andrew’s spirit will always live and be with us, we feel like Emma is also carrying some of Andrew’s spirit and that makes us happy.

Emma, Winter 07/08

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