Nobody Knew You

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Nobody knew you
” Sorry about the miscarriage dear, but you couldn’t have been very far along.”

Nobody knew you
” It’s not as though you lost an actual person.”
…were real

Nobody knew you
” Well it probably wasn’t a viable fetus.
It’s all for the best.”
…were perfect.

Nobody knew you
” You can always have another!”
…were unique.

Nobody knew you
” You already have a beautiful child. Be happy!”
…were loved for yourself.

Nobody knew you
…but us.

And we will always remember

By Jan Cosby


6 Responses to “Nobody Knew You”
  1. Ruth says:

    This touched me so much and expressed what is in my heart. Thank you.

  2. Maria says:

    That is very beautiful. My mother had a miscarriage a year before she had me. I will never forget my sibling who died in 1985. He or she is watching me. No the baby wasn’t far either but never matters. Later my older brother or sister was buried near my home..(so small only size of a big bean) but so big in our hearts, later still to be guarded by late family pets, I hope they happy to see another family member. I believe children cont. to grow in heaven, having all the best things and teachers and such waiting for the day they can hug mom and dad. (and all the family and friends they missed)

    No we don’t forget and we will met again. I agree with Ruth. I hope the day you can hug is so wonderful for you. Bless you and thank you.

  3. Thank you. Even though I know this loss, I am always lost as to what to say to another newly going through it. This, I will pass on…

  4. Carol Wilkes grandma says:

    I knew you,I held you ,my sweetest Luke. You are in the arms of God. I knew you and I’ll be with when He wants me .

  5. Stephanie says:

    So beautifully said. I know this loss of stillbirth. That is all I need to say.


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