Samuel Provenzano

March 10, 2009 by  
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“About holding Sam, I’m thankful that i wasn’t deprived of those moments. His sweet baby body, it makes his life more real to me. Loving touch confirms the sacredness of life, but it was painful and hard to hold him, waiting for life to end. Hearing the labor of his breathing, knowing it could – and would – stop at any moment. i could see why you would want to protect someone from that–it was hard to hold him. It was nothing like the pure bliss of holding Natalia. Nothing like to look on the suffering of your sweet innocent baby… to know that he was hurting, to know he could barely take the next breath. Who wants to see that? And yet to miss that would have been to deprive myself, not of some great memory, but of the ability to do the one small thing I could do for my son in this life.”

-Tawnya Provenzano, mother of Samuel

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