The Other Child

March 3, 2009 by  
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Why can’t they understand?
If I become blind
In one of my eyes,
Of course I am still grateful
For the vision that remains in the other.

But I will never stop mourning the absence of
My precious eye
The one which I lost.

My vision has changed forever.
I will never, ever
See things the same way again.

–Joanne Cacciatore (an excerpt from the book Dear Cheyenne, by Joanne Cacciatore ©1999, 2007 All Rights Reserved. Used with permission of the author


One Response to “The Other Child”
  1. Maria says:

    I lost one in 2007, it was my 1st and by a rape. *hugs* I hate when ppl tell I am lucky I lost cause I would hate the baby cause of the rape. I am no fault and neither is the baby. I miss my Snow angel. I have had no children since then, but I know God has good plans for me and meantime I help out with other children and saving kittens/cats strays when I can.

    No you don’t and you never forget. Lovely. Poem.

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